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Offering COMPLETE Oracle Solutions

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Oracle Hardware and Software

Did you know?
Oracle's hardware and software products are designed and tested as an integrated, end-to-end stack. Hardware and software engineers work side by side to create products that are truly meant for each other – yes, like bread and butter. This provides you, the user, with complete, comprehensive solutions, offering optimum functionality, top performance, and reduced complexity.

Aligning Our Approach With Oracle.

Most know Zirous for our extensive work and expertise within Oracle's Core Technology products. Since becoming an Oracle Partner in 1992, Zirous has been fully committed to Oracle. In the early 2000's, we began to take focus in Oracle's Fusion Middleware space. Through this focus, we experienced impressive growth, countless project successes and recognition from Oracle.

We have, and continue, to stay abreast of the latest and greatest solutions coming out of Oracle HQ. Through acquisitions, Oracle began to expand into the complete solutions model. We recognize the key benefits for our customers to leverage Oracle hardware in their environments, providing them a better overall experience.

Zirous Offers Complete Solutions.

We took the leap into hardware by adding the new and exciting Oracle Database Appliance to our offerings. This opened a new door to Zirous and our customers.

Since then, Zirous has added Engineered Systems, Servers and Storage to our solution portfolio. By coupling hardware with our fusion middleware expertise, we will be able to provide the best Oracle solution possible for our customers. Not to worry, we're still your Core Technology experts. But now as your complete systems provider, Zirous can offer the maximum level of integration of hardware and software components, delivering the best value in the industry through Oracle. It's a win-win for Zirous and our customers.

Complete Solutions

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