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Need better insight into your systems’ performance?

Today’s computing environments are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to manage. Multi-tier applications, high availability, firewalls, load balances, SANs, disaster recovery sites, remote users and VPNs only skim the surface of these complex issues. Without the proper tools, managing these environments is difficult and very expensive. Zirous can help your business overcome these challenges with a Systems Management solution.

Spanning applications, middleware, and database management, Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g’s unique "top-down" approach enables your Information Technology (IT) departments to focus on what matters to your business – high quality service, greater agility, and lower operational costs. Oracle Enterprise Manager gives you the power to manage your applications - from
monitoring service levels to proactively isolating business exceptions before they escalate, and remediating issues at any level of the IT stack. Oracle is the only vendor that has a complete and integrated management solution for your applications, your software infrastructure and other IT components.

Zirous’s team of Oracle certified consultants has the experience to implement a compressive system management solution for your environment. We are able to implement application management, application server management, database management, identity management and system management for most of today’s common components including EMC, F5, Check Point, Microsoft and VMWare.


Application Management

Application Management Packs for Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft and Siebel extends Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control to help monitor and manage an Oracle Applications system more effectively. The pack integrates Oracle Applications Manager with Grid Control to provide a consolidated, end-to-end management solution.

Application Server Management
Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Application Server Diagnostics Pack (for both Oracle Application Server and WebLogic) offers a low overhead way to improve the availability and performance of and provides in-depth diagnostics for Java applications. It enables administrators to proactively monitor application performance and learn about the performance problems ahead of time. Administrators can diagnose the root cause of performance problems, such as crashing or hanging in production environment, which may impact businesses severely.

Database Management
Oracle Database Diagnostics Pack offers a comprehensive set of automated performance diagnostics and monitoring functionality, and provides enterprise-wide performance and availability reporting, centralized performance repository and valuable cross-system performance aggregation

Identity Management
Oracle Identity Management Pack provides management capabilities for Oracle Access Manager, Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Identity Federation. It allows administrators to cost effectively, reliably and proactively monitor availability and performance of Identity deployments.

System Management
Oracle Enterprise Manager System Monitoring has Plug-ins for many of today’s most common system components.

Regardless of your system management needs, Zirous and Oracle have you covered!

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