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Optimism = Success
Mike Spear, Director of Sales

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Navigating the Current
Business Intelligence for Our Times
John Steege, Business Intelligence

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Advantage Partner

  Optimism = Success
Mike Spear, Director of Sales

It’s been a trying year. And even in recent weeks, optimism isn’t a word many people associate with the business climate or economic outlook. At Zirous, however, we feel optimism is the appropriate mind-set as we begin our new fiscal year.

Why optimism? It’s simple; we have a 17-year partnership with Oracle, one of the leading software vendors in the world, and we’ve achieved their highest level of partnership: Certified Oracle Advantage Partner.

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Zirous part of Oracle’s Partner Sales Readiness
Verification initiative

Oracle Expertise Lands Zirous in Elite Group

Zirous is one of seven partners in North America to become part of the Oracle Partner Sales Readiness initiative program. We are the only partner verified in the Service Oriented Architecture pillar and the only verified partner in the West Central region. Our team has been nominated in the PacNW and SoCal regions and will verify two more employees in the upcoming months.

The Oracle Partner Sales Readiness Verification initiative is an opportunity for Zirous to receive additional sales training and to work collaboratively with Oracle in lead passing and joint business planning.

“Being selected for the Sales Readiness initiative validates Zirous’s 17 year commitment to Oracle by confirming our superior delivery capabilities. This initiative provides us with a means to drive additional Oracle revenue through stronger collaboration with the Oracle Field Sales team,” said Mike McDermott, Zirous CEO. “We can’t wait to take advantage of this opportunity and are proud to be one of the first partners to qualify.”


Navigating the Current
Business Intelligence for Our Times
John Steege, Business Intelligence Specialist

Imagine the decision makers in your business – the CEO, CFO, COO, you can fill in your own acronym – with the ability to view data from different sectors of the business, all in one place. And more importantly, imagine that they have a tool that helps them organize that information, create ad-hoc reports, instantly convert them into charts and graphs, and even send periodic reports to themselves via email.

A few years ago, these things would have required the assistance of the IT staff, and even small changes to a report might have required a development cycle of days or weeks. But with a suite of business intelligence tools tailored to your business, your decision makers can choose what reports they want to see and how the data is presented, they can interact with it through a dynamic web interface, and they can even create their own ad-hoc reports. The ability to make information more useful is why it’s so exciting to work with the products in Oracle’s Business Intelligence Suite.

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