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The ROI of SOA
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Solution Briefs
CJIS - SOA Suite
ALLETE - BPEL, ESB, Database
NVPS - Web Services, JDeveloper
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Want to establish an integration foundation for the future?

A SOA solution from Zirous is just what your organization needs.


Many think a SOA implementation means a complete overhaul of existing systems; a process that will take years to complete and a significant budget to implement. Zirous has a unique take on SOA. To us, simply put, SOA is integration. Our approach can give you a low cost, quick-to-market integration solution.

SOA differs from previous integration paradigms due to its explicit use of standards. Oracle SOA technologies enable your organization to expose functionalities from your legacy systems as a standards-based service that can be consumed by other applications or business processes. The benefits of this type of


architecture are quite apparent, notably process granularity, reusability and rapid business process development.

Zirous's team of SOA consultants has more than 75 years of combined integration experience and has established best practices around Oracle's SOA Suite. We are able to implement Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle Service Bus, Oracle Business Process Management and Oracle Data Integration – all Oracle SOA technologies – and take the pain out of integration for you.


Process Integration

BPEL Process Manager is emerging as the industry standard for orchestrating standards-based services into an end-to-end process flow, reducing the cost and complexity of process integration.

Service Integration
Oracle Service Bus is designed to link, mediate and direct interactions between multiple heterogeneous services, legacy systems, packaged applications and enterprise services bus instances across an enterprise-wide service network.

Business Process Integration
Oracle Business Process Management offers the flexibility businesses demand by empowering business analysts with tools that speed delivery and optimize business processes.

Data Integration
Oracle Data Integration provides a fully unified solution for building, deploying and managing complex data warehouses as well as automating data migration and massive data movement while ensuring data is timely, precise and reliable.

Whether you require process integration, service integration, business process integration or data integration, Zirous and Oracle have you covered!

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