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Are your projects missing requirements, over budget, or past deadlines?

Get your projects on track with help from the Zirous Project Management Office.


Managing the project process can be a daunting endeavor. Keeping costs in line and hitting key milestones is a struggle for most organizations. At Zirous, we believe it doesn’t have to be. Our experienced project managers and business analysts will ensure your project’s success. We will provide you with the tools and experience needed to achieve your goals within budget and on time.

With more than 55 combined years of project management experience, Zirous’s PMO has developed a project methodology that has proven successful. Our approach is iterative, focusing on client interaction at each stage of the process. This allows our consultants to continually improve the solution and deliver the most robust product.


In addition to our methodology, Zirous’s PMO is equipped with the z|kit. The z|kit is a collection of tools, techniques, and best practices designed to support our methodology and provide a comprehensive approach to project management. The z|kit includes documents to assist with process, resource, and requirements management. We recognize, though, that one project process does not fit all. So, Zirous offers z|kits tailored to directing your Oracle technology initiative.

Specialized z|kits include:
- Service Oriented Architecture
- Identity Management
- Business Intelligence
- Business Process Management
- Systems Infrastructure
- Enterprise Content Management
- Custom Development


Oracle Gold Partner

Experienced Leadership

Zirous’s PMO has over a half century of project management experience. Our project managers and business analysts participate in projects spanning the breadth of Oracle Middleware. This includes experience with: Business Process Management, Universal Content Management, Business Intelligence, BPEL Process Manager, and Oracle Identity Management Suite.

Resource Management
We will help you manage your budget and human resources. Zirous’s PMO will provide your management with regular status reports, budget summaries, and monthly billing information.

Project Planning
Zirous’s PMO will draft a project plan recording budget, milestones, and key requirements. Management and project teams alike will benefit from the detailed view of project initiatives.

Project Management Tools
The z|kit is your resource for all the tools and best practices your team needs to implement specific initiatives or entire projects. Zirous will work with you to tailor the z|kit to suit your needs.

Whether you require experienced leadership, resource management, project planning, or the tools to organize your project, Zirous has you covered!

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