Oracle Gold Partner
About Us

Oracle Gold Partner

Mission Statement
We aim to support our position as the established Oracle partner in the US Central region in both sales and service
with Oracle FMW while continuing to provide a superior experience for our customers. We also strive to expand
our contributions to include innovative Oracle technologies and new territories. We will achieve these goals by
engaging and retaining technologists and sales staff who share our values of ingenuity, integrity, selflessness and

Culture Statement
Zirous' corporate culture includes high-quality solutions delivered by collaborative, dynamic teams of consultants
who thrive on complex challenges. Success is not only measured by the quality of solutions provided to the client,
but by the individual growth of our staff as well. We believe that talent is developed and nurtured by allowing
each employee the opportunity to examine and challenge their current methods and practices. Most importantly,
Zirous’s management team recognizes the importance of maintaining work/life balance and allocates flexibility in
order to meet employees’ needs.

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