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Create order out of chaos with a Zirous content management solution.


As we’ve moved into the digital age, organizations have faced several challenges with content creation, management, and distribution. As the amount of content continues to grow within an organization, the challenges continue to grow as well. Organizations often use multiple systems to house unstructured content. These disparate systems cause duplication of content and make it difficult to share content across the organization and outside of the firewall with customers.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) helps organizations to overcome this problem by providing a platform to house unstructured content and deliver it in the proper format to multiple enterprise applications. With this technology, organizations can efficiently build content-rich business applications, reuse content, and integrate hundreds of content services with other business applications.


Oracle offers a truly unified ECM suite on a single platform that will yield a return on your investment in just a few years. Consolidating the overall architecture on a single code base, security model, and API eliminates “Band-Aid” integrations, leverages a common IT infrastructure, and minimizes application development and support costs. Ultimately, an ECM solution will lower costs, improve user experience, and enable simple upgrades, maintenance, and training.

Zirous’s team of experts use their knowledge of metadata, content profiles, user groups and security roles and establish best practices to turn business processes and unstructured data into customized, user-friendly content management solutions. Working closely with clients to understand document and other unstructured data use enables our team to architect solutions that create efficiencies and are intuitive for users.




Universal Content Management ensures all ECM applications can be deployed on the same platform, and specific capabilities are interchangeable, extensible, and complimentary.

Rapid Site Deployment
Web Content Management effectively manage websites, while improving web publishing productivity and enabling organizations to maintain accurate and timely web content with consistent branding across all corporate sites.

Optimized Management
Universal Records Management applies records management policies and practices on content in remote repositories such as file systems, content management systems, and email archives.

Information Security
Information Rights Management uses encryption to extend the management of information beyond the repository - to every copy of an organization’s sensitive information, everywhere it is stored - inside and outside the firewall.

Whatever your requirements. Zirous and Oracle have you covered!


Oracle Gold Partner
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