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Want to take the guesswork out of your business decisions?

It’s your data. Work with Zirous to turn it into intelligence.


As organizations grow and mature, so does their data. The volume and diversity of that data can quickly overwhelm a business. Zirous has the ability to organize your data and turn it into useful information that is accessible to all who need it. With a simple Business Intelligence solution, we can provide to a wide variety of users the means necessary to capture, process, deliver and analyze information.

Oracle’s Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is a comprehensive suite of enterprise business intelligence products that delivers a full range of capabilities – including interactive dashboards, full ad hoc queries, proactive intelligence and alerts, enterprise and financial reporting,


real-time predictive intelligence, disconnected analytics, and more.

Zirous’s team of BI consultants has more than 73 years of combined experience working with BI technologies and has established best practices around the OBIEE Suite. We have extensive implementation experience with Oracle’s broad range of BI products and have worked for clients in a variety of industries. Our BI Specialists’ wealth of experience enables us to architect BI solutions that provide you with the flexibility to access the right information at the right time in a usable format and give it to the right people.



BI Server

BI Server provides centralized data access and calculation, essentially creating a large pipe through which anyone can consume any information in any form anywhere in the enterprise.

BI Answers
BI Answers is a front-end reporting component of the OBIEE Suite that allows users to interact with data in a purely web-based environment for ad-hoc reporting needs.

BI Interactive Dashboards
BI Interactive Dashboards allow users to display any object that can be accessed through a URL including video, audio, or external websites, thus making your company’s dashboards the ultimate knowledge sharing experience.

BI Publisher
BI Publisher is an enterprise reporting solution for authoring, managing, and delivering all your highly formatted documents and allows your IT staff to create data models against practically any data source and build custom reporting applications that leverage existing infrastructure.

Whatever your requirements, Zirous and Oracle have you covered.

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