Zirous Celebrates 25 Years

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July 12, 2011

Zirous Celebrates a Quarter Century in Business

The year was 1986. Gas was 89 cents per gallon, Top Gun was in theaters, and IBM released the first laptop computer. That same year in West Des Moines, Iowa, Zirous began their journey in the consulting and technology business; a time when technology was as foreign as ET and computer knowledge was few and far between. A small company with big ambitions and even bigger talent, Zirous takes pride in their outstanding service and award-winning employees when celebrating 25 successful and dynamic years in business. "To be in business a quarter of a century is a sign of strength and resilience. This landmark represents the pairing of outstanding employees with excellent customers. Customers can be assured that Zirous has withstood the test of time and will continue to thrive in the future," says Mike McDermott, Zirous CEO.
Company History
Zirous' humble beginnings included just two employees and one client. Zirous didn't originally implement custom software solutions; their business consisted of building PC's, networking computers, and handling network administration. It wasn't until 1992 that Zirous made the strategic move to become an Oracle partner. Just prior to the partnership, Zirous won a contract at a Midwest-based power company for custom software work. The job required Zirous to implement an Oracle Database, and soon after, Zirous began recommending Oracle Database as a solution for clients needing custom applications. A single client and completed database implementation helped launch Zirous into a successful 19-year relationship with Oracle.

It wasn't long after the partnership that Oracle started recognizing Zirous as one of the go-to partners in the Midwest. Zirous made the move in the early 2000's to take focus in the Fusion Middleware space and partner exclusively with Oracle. Through their total commitment to Oracle's technologies, heavy investment in training and extensive practical experience, Zirous gained national recognition from Oracle as being one of the leading consulting firms in the country. The business brought home a handful of Titan Award mentions before earning Oracle Partner of the Year award for the North Central Region in 2008.

As Oracle experienced growth, new product releases and countless acquisitions, Zirous took a bold step to accommodate their own growth while expanding their reach when they opened additional offices. In 2006, an office in Portland, Oregon was opened, giving Zirous a local presence in the Pacific Northwest territory. Soon after in 2007, a third office was launched in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Meanwhile, to avoid ongoing confusion (no, they don't sell hardware or need a delivery of canned goods*), the company, formerly known as CISCO, Inc., took on a new name, and with that Zirous was born. The name change campaign "New Name, Same Game" was delivered in 2008, helping Zirous clearly identify themselves while promising to continue providing the same outstanding service. Wondering about the origin and meaning of the name Zirous? So are they.

More recently, Zirous was the first Midwest Oracle Partner to be recognized in Oracle's Partner Sales Readiness Verified program within the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) space. This program recognizes partners with a proven track record of selling and implementing Oracle products and are selected and awarded by nomination only. Zirous was also one of the first partners nationally to be awarded a specialization in Oracle's SOA area. Specialized partners are an elite group that invests time and resources to develop significant expertise within Oracle products and solutions. Since then, Zirous has achieved specialization within Oracle's Business Intelligence Foundation and is working towards specializations within all of their practice areas.

Mike Spear, Vice President of Sales, has been with Zirous since 1993 and is optimistic about where Zirous is heading, "Any small company that is in business for 25 years is worth celebrating. To be established and grow in the technology industry and to grow as Oracle has grown is an accomplishment. Zirous will continue to focus on gaining Oracle specializations, continue providing exceptional solutions and service to our clients, and maintain our status as being one of the most recognized Oracle Partners in the Midwest."

*Zirous, formerly CISCO, Inc., incurred a name change in 2008 to avoid ongoing confusion with CISCO Systems and Sysco Foodservice Distributors.


About Us
Incorporated in 1986 and headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa, Zirous Inc. is an Oracle Gold Partner that features practice areas in: Identity Management, SOA, Infrastructure and Security, Business Intelligence, E 2.0 and custom Java development.

Zirous has been a trusted partner to government, commercial and educational clients across the country. The team at Zirous is committed to executing best practices and going above and beyond industry standards to provide viable solutions for our customers.

Zirous is more than your average consulting company. Our corporate philosophy is to be the most knowledgeable Oracle partner in the country when it comes to implementing Oracle's core technology. We care about our customers and we are confident in our ability to solve their immediate and long-term business problems.

For more information about Zirous, our practice areas, and our client solutions, please visit www.zirous.com